Below are links to the resources covered at the College of Business Career Resource Fair on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

Table 1: How do I get the most out of HANDSHAKE?

3 must-haves on your Handshake profile

Handshake Student Blog

Table 2: How do I EXPLORE CAREER options?

Tuesday Talks!

Table 3: How can I PROTOTYPE some careers?

Forage Job Simulations

Informational Interviewing


Table 4: How do INTERNSHIPS work?

Internship Guide

Charles Schwab – an employer with a great internship program!

Table 5: How do I connect with EMPLOYERS this year?

Fall 2022 Events

Career Event Prep Checklist

JBS and Pilgrims – an employer to connect with this year!

Table 6: How do I start my JOB SEARCH?

Quick guide to creating your target company list (LAMP List)

40 job search tasks

Table 7: What SPECIAL PROGRAMS are offered at the CMC?

Mock Interview Program

COB Professional Mentoring Program