What's Involved:

Sign up to be a featured employer of the day! This opportunity invites recruiters from one company per event to connect with our students. Employers will host a table in our Rockwell West Foyer during the highest periods of student traffic: from 9:00am- 12:30pm, on select Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the semester. 

Tip! Please be sure to send outgoing and extroverted representatives! While employers are encouraged to provide food and branded items to attract students, sometimes this alone is not enough to start the conversation. 

This is a great opportunity to interact directly with students, provide information about your company and opportunities, and build your brand awareness. There is no cost to participate in Employer of the day. 

Please Note:

Career Weeks:  Some openings below will be marked for specific career weeks. During these weeks, we will be tying the Employer of the Day in with our concentration focused programming. Please sign up for these dates only if you have information, jobs, or Internship opportunities within the designated fields. 

Accounting Firms: we recommend you book an information table on a Tuesday to see the most accounting students. 

Reserve Your Date:

Below, you can use the calendar to view and reserve available dates. Some dates do not have listed availability due to University closures and other events. If you want to host an information table on a date that is not available below, please contact Michelle Schrader at michelle.schrader@colostate.edu. 

Help us promote your event! When prompted below, please provide a few bullet point items that you would like to share with our students about during your time on campus. We will include this information in our marketing to students prior to your event. 

Pick an event on the calendar: